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    Default SAMS Club

    I am really trying to cut back on my grocery spending. Do any of you

    have any tips on the best buys when you visit the big cost clubs like



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    Default SAMS Club

    Best ones are things we know we will eat/use:

    Frozen shrimp - we make it often - esp. for a quick lunch or dinner.

    Frozen chimichangas - same reason - I make some Spanish rice with it along

    with a tossed salad.

    Toliet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent. They

    don't spoil/go bad and it does not matter if you have someone to split the item

    with you or not.

    If you have someone to share the cost/item with, you can do more. Coffee,

    teas, 5 gallons of salsa, mustard, ketchup, etc. I would not bother to freeze

    these items for our own family and I can't find a way to eat enough sandwiches

    to use all of that mustard on my own. KWIM?

    Before my sister moved away, we split a lot with her. I do some of the

    splitting with my parents, since they are now empty nesters. The quantities are

    really big at the warehouse stores. I have heard that their prices on

    electronics and appliances is good, if you are in the market.


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    I am really trying to cut back on my grocery spending. Do any of you

    have any tips on the best buys when you visit the big cost clubs like


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    Dee Webber

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    The things that keep me shopping at Sam's once a week are milk, produce & meat.

    ~1% Milk is currently $3.03 a gallon at my Sam's, over $4 elsewhere. I buy 6-8

    gallons a week, so this is my best Sam's bargain.

    ~Meat, chicken & fish prices are good (I got a 7 lb roast for $2.89/lb, which

    will be 2 meals for my family of eight, 4 ham steaks for about $15, which will

    also be two meals. A package of about 12-14 chicken thighs was $7.21 the last

    time I bought them. I think most of the pork cuts are still under $2/lb.

    ~Fresh fruits & veggies are cheaper, but only if you can use the larger

    quantities. I paid $6.88 for 10 lbs of navel oranges the other day, & $2.42 for

    a normal sized cantaloupe, & a package of 6 romain hearts for $3.00. I avoid

    the heads of iceberg lettuce. If you like lettuce wedges, they're probably

    good, but I find that they're small & very hard. I like my lettuce a little

    leafier. All of the produce is bagged or boxed in quantity, but not outrageously

    so. Melons & pineapples are the only things you can buy singly, or pick through

    to find the best.

    ~Pasta is a great bargain-under $1 a pound.

    ~For a quick meal, their rotisserie chickens are great. They make the

    rotisserie chickens at grocery stores look like Cornish game hens, & cost under

    $5 a piece, where the other stores are close to $7 a piece. I buy 2, use all of

    one & some of the other for a meal, then make homemade soup with the rest.

    Paper goods are a bargain, if you don't mind 15 rolls of TP at a time.

    As a general rule, I don't buy name brands at Sam's unless they're brands I

    usually buy (Jiff peanut butter or Cheerios, for example), because store brands

    or low end brands can almost always be found cheaper at the grocery stores. But

    the prices on the name brands are great. You can find some Sam's brand products,

    mostly in the paper goods & pop.

    Flour, sugar, rice & beans all come in large bags 10lb~ 25lb, so they're good if

    you've got the storage space. I don't, so don't buy them, & don't know the


    BTW, these prices are for the Denver, CO area.



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    > I am really trying to cut back on my grocery spending. Do any of you

    > have any tips on the best buys when you visit the big cost clubs like

    > Sams?


    > Regina



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    Default SAMS Club

    Know the prices the items would be at a regular store. Often, you are

    paying the same price, or only saving a few pennies by getting an item

    in bulk at the cost clubs like Sam's. Don't assume that because it's in

    bulk, you'll be getting a better deal.

    You will be able to find deals, but knowing before you buy helps.

    I'd recommend taking a tour and walking through, and writing down

    prices of items you might be interested in purchasing. Then, do the

    same thing at the grocery store- compare which ones are actually good

    deals, and which ones are not.

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    > I am really trying to cut back on my grocery spending. Do any of you

    > have any tips on the best buys when you visit the big cost clubs like

    > Sams?


    > Regina


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    Default SAMS Club

    I find the best buys for me at Sam's Club is the packaged luncheon meats, hot dogs, orange juice, some of the frozen foods such as pizza rolls, pillsbury biscuits. I can usually do better on things like Tide, cream cheese, coffee, dawn dish detergent, pasta, cereal, and Ragu at the local grocery chains. I can use coupons and buy them when they are the "loss leaders" and come out much cheaper than Sams. I don't buy spices at Sam's unless it's something I use everyday or am going to share with someone else. I just don't want to keep spices sitting in my cabinet for more than a year. I also ask myself if it's worth the extra space for storage when I buy the bulk items. Everything at Sam's is certainly not a deal. Casey

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    Wingfield Family

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    When I go to Sams, I buy cheddar cheese, sliced cheese, powdered milk,

    Swiss Miss cocoa, disinfectant and pink dish soap by the gallon jug,

    laundry powder by the 50 pound tub and dish washer soap. I buy their

    Ragu Pizza sauce for $3.50 a large can and go home and add hamburger

    meat and a little water and my spices, seperate into small containers

    for pasta and pizza for a month. I buy Wolf brand Chili for $.50-.80 a

    can, canned fruit for .80 a can, all my pasta noodles and all my spices,

    pancake syurp and my favorite eggrolls. I try to buy those things I know

    I can't get anywhere else or really know I get a good deal for it.

    Amy Wingfield

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    Roxanne McLain

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    Compare their unit prices with what you'd buy at the supermarket. Some things

    are cheaper at the store. Sam's has case prices on meats if you have the

    freezer room. You can also buy a whole sirloin and have them slice it for you,

    as long as you aren't using it for resale. They will slice the deli meats, as

    well, if you aren't reselling them. I will do this and re-package them in

    smaller packages for the freezer at home. I buy my cheese there and freeze it.

    If you set your grocery list to rotate items, you won't spend too much each

    week. I will buy meat one week, cheeses another week, etc. Once you get set up

    it is pretty easy. Sam's also has double money back on produce. Beware of the

    pre-packged foods as they are more expensive than cooking from scratch. You can

    save money if you stick to your grocery list and budget.

    Roxanne McLain

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    From: brlane4

    Subject: : SAMS Club

    I am really trying to cut back on my grocery spending. Do any of you

    have any tips on the best buys when you visit the big cost clubs like


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    Default SAMS Club

    <FONT id="role_document" face="Pristina" color="#0000df" size="5">
    Sams has great Jimmy Dean Delights breakfast sandwiches, they are low fat and healthy whole grain, and yummy, and my family tends to eat on the run a lot so its nice to have them ready to go, two min in the microwave...and only 97 cents a piece! My grocery store sells them and they come out to 1.47 a piece that way...Saves us money because they are about 2 bucks a piece at Mc Donalds and then you buy a drink and maybe a hashbrown you spend 5 a piece almost going for breakfast.....zap it at home before you leave the house and you are full till lunch!
    Shannon from PA

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