Durable is an office supplies manufacturer that has risen to the highest ranks among German brands and is celebrating its 90th year in operation. At Durable, we believe in taking responsibility for our choices and fostering stewardship. Durable products are good because of their durability. Our high quality standards enable us to produce outstanding consumer items that are built to last, thus requiring less frequent replacement. The Durable Duraglas Desk Pad provides a firm, comfortable writing surface for your home or office. Duraglas is a transparent, anti-glare desk pad which is ideal for keeping notes or messages close at hand. Use Duraglas where your desk or counter surfaces need to "appear" uncovered, such as banks, building societies, etcetera. At Durable, we continue to seek ways to offer consumers the highest quality products, and, at the same time protect and preserve the future of Mother Earth.Expires Sep 30, 2012

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