, Kraft OYNO is split into two $5 oynos valid over 2 weeks

You can also get $12 back on $20 select Pet items (9 lives, etc)

Thanks to MC

Freebies/Cheaps/Deals thks to CELESTIALDIGS/sd
9/23-9/29 PREVIEW
Yo Crunch Yogurt $.49 After coupon, FREE!!
$.25/1 IP Print [yocrunch.com]

Sorrento Mozzarella 16 oz/Ricotta 2 lbs $1.98 After coupon, $.98!!
$1/1 6/24SS

Jello 2 pk $1.49 after coupon, $.49
$1/1 9/16SS (CA papers)

Cabot Shredded Cheese $1.99 After coupon, $.99
$1/1 IP Sign up HERE [cabotcheese.coop] for the Cabot News letter. A welcome $1/1 coupon off any Cabot product sent to your email.

Perdue Poultry 40% off $.77+ lb
$1/1 IP Print [facebook.com] 4 prints total (Click on enter now and save $1 of the left) After you enter the weekly give away, click on the link again and then the Enter the Block Party Contest at the top of the page. (The Block party contest requires that you upload an image) You can print two copies of this coupon after entering both contests.) Thx to Steph

Herr's Snacks $1.99 After coupon, $.99
$1/1 7/15SS
$1/1 IP Print [smartsource.com]

Spend , Get 2 CATS OYNO

Nature's Bounty Vitamins $1.64+ After coupon, $.84 for cheapest
$1/1 9/09RP

Heluva Chunk Cheese $1.77 After coupon, $.77
$.50/1 IP Print [heluvagood.com]

Temptations Treats for Cats2 for $3 (Mb2) after coupon, $.50
$.50/1 8/26RP
$.50/1 IP Print [facebook.com]