At eReaderIQ you can find hundreds of free e-books for your kindle. You can also download an app from Kindle that allows you to read on your computer and store the links to the books in the Kindle cloud.

Just go to the website and click on the free tab you can narrow your search from all to those posted int the last 24 hours. New books are added at 12:40 AM and 2:40 AM every day.

As a teacher I was pleased to find the CK-12 science textbooks for middle school and high school. The Biology text has a teachers edition that describes teaching techniques to help students understand the material and web-links to all sorts of sites that have multimedia information relating to the topics.

Oh I forgot to mention that some of the books are digital flashcards for elementary students to learn math facts or the names of the states. These would be ideal for parents who are homeschooling.

Let me know if this was helpful to you - I was so glad to find recent e-books that were free! - Jane | The Easier, Faster, Smarter Way to Kindle!