List Price: $19.99Deal Price: $9.75You Save: $5.24 (51%)Blythe and her pets love fashion! They go shopping at their favorite boutique. When the friends get home, they try on all of their new clothes and accessories. They look so pretty!Your BLYTHE doll loves to go shopping, and with the outfits that come in the GET PRETTY BOUTIQUE set, youll have all kinds of choices to dress her up! Shes got outfits for daytime, evening, the weekend, or just lounging. Choose one of her outfits to put on, then comb her hair and set her on her doll stand. With her panda and raccoon pets at her side, shell be ready to have a party with you no matter what you do!Doll comes with 4 outfits, 2 pets, comb, doll stand and other accessories.#B33 Blythe doll, #2251 Raccoon and #2329 Panda Expires Sep 18, 2012

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