List Price: $139.99 Deal Price: $79.99 You Save: $60.00 (43%)Special guest deal presented by our colleagues at "Awesome, a deal on the Wenzel Insta-Bed! I had to poke a hole in my last one. See, what happened was, my wife's cousin Gary came to stay with us for a day or two. But after a night's sleep on our plush, luxurious Wenzel Insta-Bed, that turned into a few days. Then a week. Then, two weeks. Our hints sailed right over Gary's head. Clearly, we had two choices: start an uncomfortable confrontation with Gary, or take away the reason he was hanging around. So, during one of Gary's afternoon front-porch drinking sessions, I took a pocketknife and jabbed an ugly gash in the Insta-Bed's flocked top. The sound of the air rushing out of the Insta-Bed as it slowly deflated into oblivion will always tear a hole in my heart. But now the Insta-Bed and I will have a second chance together. It's an inflatable miracle! Just, uh, don't tell Gary, OK?"Expires Sep 9, 2012

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