This is a quick, easy meal I fixed tonight. It does not include the added Parmesan cheese which we sprinkled on our pasta.

Here's the break down:

1 jar Classico Four Cheese Alfredo Sauce $2.25
12 ounce Tyson canned chicken 3.00
1/2 box Barilla Fettucine 1.25

Total 6.50

OR 1.65 per serving

Lettuce: Ready Pac Lettuce 2.00 or .50 per serving

Grand Total: $2.12 per serving including the salad

All the groceries were bought on sale. We have spent the summer eating home grown lettuce I grew in my square foot garden. Currently, the summer crop is gone but I have planted spinach and leaf lettuce for fall eating.

I fixed this meal as we were out most the afternoon taking care of medical needs, and wanted to cook up something quick. This meal did the trick.