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Candy Maker
Sunstorm Interactive
Genre: Games
Release Date: August 30, 2012

We did it again! The original developers of the 'MAKER' series bring you another awesome game! Candy Maker is here!

Run cute Candy Making machines to create some of your favorite tasty treats:

Bubble Gum - mix up a batch of your favorite flavor of gum, apply some candy coating, and a wrapper and you're done. Whats next...chew it and blow bubbles..bigger and bigger until they pop!

Gummies - Pick a flavor and pour your gummie liquid into molds to create gummies in your favorite shapes...gummie worms, gummie fish, gummies bears and many more.

Candy Bars - Add layer after layer of goodness such as chocolate, peanuts, toffee, crunchy almonds and more. Stack up the perfect candy bar then coat it with chocolate! Delicious!

Lollipops - mix up the hard candy, select a decorative stick and chewy and create a lollipop of your dreams! And, remember to decorate with stickers and cool wrappers!

Taffy - everyone loves a tasty taffy candy. So, mix up a batch and watch the taffy puller machine do the work and turn it into the best chewy candy ready for your finishing touch!

More Candy Making games to come in the future!!!

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