List Price: $495.00 Deal Price: $159.99 You Save: $335.01 (68%)OCZ RevoDrive Hybrid is the next step in the evolution of storage technology for power users, multimedia designers and game enthusiasts. ThePCI e based RevoDrive Hybrid not only eliminates the SATA bottleneck to unleash ground breaking band width and landmark IOPS performance, but it also includes a high-capacity hard disk drive and intelligent software that integrates SSD and HDD into a single high-performance and high-capacity storage solution. The OCZ RevoDrive Hybrid comes bundled with intelligent caching software that dynamically manages the use of the SSD with the 1TB HDD for superior over llstorage performance. The most frequently / recently used "hot" data stays on the ultra-fast SSD while "cold" data remains on the slower but larger capacity disk. Advanced caching algorithms learn user behavior and adapts to rage policies to ensure optimal performance for each individual user. Welcome to the next generation storage from OCZ Technology.Expires Sep 1, 2012

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