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Infinity Lands
Crystaltech International Holdings Limited
Genre: Games
Release Date: August 2, 2012

"Infinity Lands is a fashionable cellphone game recently. I am a business man and rarely play games. But its title always gives me something mystical. Several times when I was ready to play it, there was always something delaying me.
Today, I was sent an anonymous mail. When I clicked the link within, the world blurs in front of my eyes.
When I woke up and opened my eyes again, I found myself a new king in the Infinity Lands. A file of stern troops standing before me, I am so excited that I clenched my fist, ‘Now I will lead you and conquer the entire land!’
Of course, I am not alone. My allies are besides me, fighting with me, and exploring with me the Infinity Lands."

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