This was a very easy project, although it can be time consuming if you are a perfectionist like I tend to be!

Here is what you need:
rocks, I used about a bag and a half to make a placemat (can be purchased at Dollar Tree!)
Hot glue and hot glue gun
spray paint - optional
cardboard/place mat/etc (explain this in a bit)

The directions are so easy! You just glue the rocks to the felt. Now you can cut the felt first or glue the rocks in the shape you want and then cut the felt.

The first one I made I just glued the rocks to a place mat that I had spray painted brown, with out any felt. This one works well for us, it doesn't slide easily on the table and is perfect for stuff coming out of the oven or foil pans coming off the grill.

The next one I made I used an already made pot holder that ones green on onside and had a print on the other side, I spray painted the top green, and then glued the rocks on to it. This was for his mom, and she loved it so much she also asked for a bigger one.

The other one I made for his mom i glued the rocks to the felt in the shape of place mat, then glued cardboard to other side of the felt to make it sturdier and then another layer of felt to make it slide easily across the table.