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need any and all ideas,tips,and or sites to help me save money in all areas while living on one income(sons disablity.)Thanks

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    Default I just lost my job and

    need any and all ideas,tips,and or sites to help me save money in all

    areas while living on one income(sons disablity.)Thanks

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    Default I just lost my job and

    For starters, apply for and take the help you qualify for. I know it

    can be hard to do, but this is the reason it's there. Plus, it can

    take a week or two to get approved, and some more time to actually

    get the benefits- if you wait until you have no other option, you

    won't have the time needed to get the benefits before things are too


    Next, before getting groceries, take stock of what you have. If it's

    easier, pull it all out on the floor, and sit down taking stock.

    Then, make up a list of meals you can make if you don't buy anything

    at all. Seperate that food as you list it, so you don't count on

    having 2 cans of something when you only have one.

    Then, make a list of meals you can make if you only buy one or two

    things. Set those aside. Those are the meals you want to concentrate

    on. Buy the stuff needed to make up enough meals until you get paid

    (I'm presuming you still get 1 or 2 checks). Get the perishables you

    need, too- bread, eggs, milk, etc. Cut back on drinks- you can drink

    water out of the tap. It's not great, but it's healthier than juice,

    soda, coffee, or tea. And cheaper.

    Cut back on the amount of meat in your diet for now. Protein can be

    introduced with peanut butter or eggs, and both are fairly cheap.

    Peanut Butter is $1-$1.50 for a jar, and with a loaf of bread, it'll

    provide cheap lunches for a while. Eggs make a quick breakfast, or

    can be used with pancake mix to make breakfast for dinner.

    Next- are there any consignment shops in your area? Maybe you could

    get rid of some old clothes, or housewares for some extra money. You

    won't make much, but $5 is better than a box of old clothes in the

    closet. If you have anything you think might go for a decent amount,

    you can try craigs list or ebay. The upside to ebay is a large

    audience. The downside is it costs to post.

    Cut back on any services you don't need- cable, internet, etc. If

    you have cell phones and can't get out of the contract yet, then

    shut down the landline (if you have one). For cable or internet, cut

    back as much as possible, or cancel outright for now. You can get

    online to check things at the library for free for now. But in the

    mean time, it helps lower bills. Keep it off or lower until you have

    a steady job again, so you don't incure unneccessary bills.

    If you can, lower insurance to the minimum needed for now for cars.

    If you pay for heat, lower the thermostat, and have everyone where

    socks and sweatshirts. It's not great, but it'll lower the heating


    If you or anyone in the house takes medications on a regular basis,

    ask the doctor for free samples to help cut down the costs of

    getting the perscription refilled. Doctors get samples of just about

    any type of medication from reps, except for controlled substances

    and antibiotics (they do get some antibiotics, but anything that has

    a fast experation date won't be available). Explain that your income

    is limited for a while, and you can't afford to get the

    perscription. My doctor will usually give me a month's supply in


    Limit driving to the bare minimum, and make sure to combine errends

    when at all possible, to cut back on the cost of gas.

    Hope those help some

    Heather in MI

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    > need any and all ideas,tips,and or sites to help me save money in


    > areas while living on one income(sons disablity.)Thanks


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    Default I just lost my job and

    Cut unneeded expenses. Keep up with the absolute necessities first. Shop with a grocery list - even for "quick trips". Combine driving - save on gas.
    If you don't cook, go the library, get a couple of cookbooks and learn. It will save lots of money over eating out, buying convenience foods, etc. Wash only full loads of laundry. Hang what you don't need immediately. Plan time for ironing what needs it. Wash only full loads in the dishwasher. Keep your resume ready and take copies with you when you are out and about. Give them to anyone who is hiring. Have one ready to give them on the spot. Dress for being interviewed "on the spot". If there is someplace you are interested in working, even if they are not advertising a position, give them your
    Tell everyone that you are looking for work. Your job now is finding a job. Get up, eat breakfast, and hit the road. Contact your local Manpower office (and/or other temp agencies) and get your name out there. They can't hire you if they don't know you need work. One of the temp positions may lead to a permanent job. Find things around your home that you can part with and sell them. Try Craigslist, eBay, the local paper, etc. Just boost your income. Save what you can. Pay the necessities with the rest. Eliminate what you don't have to buy. All the best with job seeking... Keep us updated! Herlean

    maria <secretwindow-jd1@sbcglobal.net> wrote: <BLOCKQUOTE class="replbq" style="BORDER-LEFT: #1010ff 2px
    solid;">need any and all ideas,tips,and or sites to help me save money in all
    areas while living on one income(sons disablity.)Thanks

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    Default I just lost my job and

    The thing to remember is that you need to take care of the roof over

    your head, utilities, transportation and food. Take care of them in

    that order. This is based on how difficult it is to get assistance with

    those required. It is not difficut to get help from the Food Bank for


    While you are looking for work take a job that keeps you going. By

    doing this you may very well be able to extend your unemployment

    benifits. Take a look at temp and/or temp to perm jobs.

    You are in my prayers

    Karen in CO

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    > need any and all ideas,tips,and or sites to help me save money in all

    > areas while living on one income(sons disablity.)Thanks


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    Betty Taylor

    Default I just lost my job and


    Hi, I'm usually a lurker here, but I also lost my job (in December)

    and want to suggest that you network! It's not just for high-powered

    executive types. I just got a new job (start next week) because 2

    former coworkers referred me to the company they work for. I didn't

    even need to apply--the company called me, I went in for an

    interview, and had an offer the next day! All because I made sure

    everyone I knew had my contact info.

    Make a list of EVERYONE you know--old co-workers, friends, the

    mailman, everyone who knows you by name. Find as many of their emails

    or phone numbers as you can and just let them know that you are out

    of work and looking for a new job, adding a short sentence about what

    exactly your ideal job would be or what your qualifications are. Make

    sure they have your email and phone number. Someone may see a good

    opportunity for you or be able to help.

    Good luck!



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