Hi List members,

A few weeks back I asked you all what changes you would like to see to the site.

Several of you mentioned that you would like the fonts a bit larger in the Navigation bar and that you would like the highlighting background to stand out a bit more .

I have altered several areas on the site and we are also in the process of doing away with the 3rd column, so each page will be "less busy" and easier to concentrate on what you are reading.

Thank you for your suggestions and as always, we welcome any others that you care to share !

Also, I have spent the last couple weeks setting up a new mailing server so that I can get a newsletter out each and every week (1 per week).

The newsletters will start Tomorrow and go out every Thursday From now On. If you would like to subscribe to our Weekly newsletter you can do so here: http://www.budget101.com/news.htm