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Loud Mouth
Fossil Software
Genre: Entertainment
Release Date: November 8, 2011
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Meet Loud Mouth.

He&#39;s loud... He&#39;s obnoxious... and he could likely use a breath mint... but that won&#39;t stop him from blurting out whatever he&#39;s thinking!

Choose from over 100 pre-recorded sayings in categories like sarcasm, taunts, yelling, laughter, painful (our favorite), drunk, flirty, attitude and more.

Or, record and save your own voice to create that perfect situational audio clip. Let Loud Mouth yell your voice clip with character by altering the speed and pitch for even better comedic performance!

Whatever your choice, Loud Mouth will yell it for all to hear by simply tapping his mouth. Open the included library to browse audio clips and your own saved recordings.

Beware of flying digital slobber. Loud Mouth tends to &#34;spray it&#34; not &#34;say it&#34;.

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