List Price: $79.95 Deal Price: $37.99 You Save: $41.96 (52%)Special guest deal presented by our colleagues at "What does the word 'ceramic' bring to mind? Cutesy little figurines of rosy-cheeked babies and sad-eyed terriers? Genteel dishes that look like something Abigail Adams would eat off of? Or the slicin'-est, dicin'-est knife edge money can buy? That's what you'd think if you were familiar with Kyocera ceramic blades. This pair of Kyocera Revolution knives can chop finer, slice thinner, and stay sharper longer than any steel blade, thanks to ultra-dense zirconium oxide. And Kyocera will even sharpen them for free. So forget the figurines. With these Kyocera Revolution ceramic knives appearing in more high-end kitchens every day, it won't be long until people start saying razors are 'ceramic-sharp.'"Expires Aug 12, 2012

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