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Buster Bash
Ground Up Logic
Genre: Games
Release Date: July 26, 2012

BUSTER BASH -- Official Mobile Game of All-Star catcher Buster Posey. The FIRST EVER official mobile game of a big league baseball player.

Follow in Busterís footsteps as you begin in the backyard of Leesburg, Georgia and move up levels to eventually join the elite ranks of the Big Leagues. You get 10 baseballs per round to hit as many homers as possible. Players earn sunflower seeds to buy equipment and power-ups to improve hitting by knocking them out of the sky or through in-app purchases.

Swipe the screen to knock pitches over the barn or outfield fence. You'll hit tennis balls and wiffle balls as a kid, but as you move up, it's all hardballs, and the pitchers get tougher!

Features include:

-- soundtrack from Grammy-nominated country star David Nail

-- equipment upgrades through the UNDER ARMOUR store

-- five levels: Backyard in Leesburg, the TOYOTA Youth Championship, the UNDER ARMOUR All-American Game, College Playoffs, and the Big Leagues

Currently optimized for iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 only- iPad optimization coming soon!

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