Kids can direct traffic all by themselves with the Spin 'n' Go Fire Truck from Kid Galaxy. The Spin 'n' Go features an easy-to-use, button-less remote control wand that sends your fire truck going whichever way you like. Simply watch the spinning figure, lower the wand when it is pointed in your desired direction, and go!

Spin 'n' Go
Fire Truck

  • Ages: Three and up
  • Requires: Five AAA batteries
At a Glance:

  • Easy-to-use remote control wand encourages coordinated movement
  • Animated spinning character steers vehicle with your help
  • Imaginative and cognitive stimulation during play

Animated spinning character steers vehicle with your help! View larger.

Direct Traffic with a Fireman

With the Spin 'n' Go Fire Truck, kids learn how to coordinate motion with an object that moves in straight lines and in circles. The remote control wand has no buttons for direction--it only moves according to the way it is held and the way the spinning fireman is positioned.

To use, flip the switch on the bottom of the fire truck and press the "ON" button on the green "GO" side of the wand. When the wand is held vertically, the vehicle stops moving and the figure spins in circles. To direct the fire truck, wait until the fireman points in your desired direction, and then lower the controller. The vehicle will turn and drive where the fireman is pointing!

A New Way to Drive

The Spin 'n' Go Fire Truck uses a remote control system that is different than most remote control cars. There are no buttons involved in the driving process. Instead, movements similar to road traffic control are incorporated into the fun. The result is that the spinning fireman is able to steer the vehicle, but only with the help of your child. Because kids don't have complete control over the vehicle's steering, their cognitive and imaginative abilities are stimulated as they guess where the truck might turn next!

What's in the Box

Fire truck, remote control wand, and directions.

Expires Aug 15, 2012

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