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    Default make your own liquid hand soap

    make your own liquid hand soap

    To make your own liquid hand soap, you need one (3.5 ounce) bar of soap

    (choose soap which contains moisturizing cream) and three cups of water.

    Grate soap, add water and microwave on high until well dissolved. Stir

    every two minutes. Cool and pour into a dispenser. To use up small

    pieces of soap, soften in the microwave for a few seconds on a piece of

    plastic wrap. Then add to your new bar

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    Default Re: make your own liquid hand soap

    I love this "recipe". The liquid hand soaps are more expensive than bar soap, but the bar soap can leave such a mess. This way, the homemade liquid hand soap will cost much less than the store bought versions. Thanks. This is really helpful to me.



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