Hi, I am new to the list but not to tightening my budget.I have no experience

with the tax assessed on street aprovement. But I believe my parents went

through something similar.No one in there neighborhood could afford to pay. the

city worked it out with the homeowners to make payments & reduced the

amount.There were some homeowners who were very loud, an they are probably the

reason that the amount got reduced.I also remeber my parents were talking to the

city about there porch foundation cracking because of construction

on another street.If you had damage its possible other neighbors had damage,

there is strength in numbers,

but you will have to find out if there others.I am a big believer in coupons &

refunding.I have lived in areas were

the shopping was not good so I traded for forms & sold my coupons.I have people

save there baby formula coupon & ciggy coupons as well as other coupon & sell


I have coupon friends who buy items that are free with coupons &

then have a garage sale every 6

months.I have never done that as I use are donate all I get. Alot of people are

good at selling on ebay.What

kind of crafts do you do?I have lived in several cities that have stores that

allow you to rent a shelf in there store to sell your items, they collect the

money for you & pay you what is sold.What about classes do you have room to hold

any kind of classes & teach your hobby to others? I homeschool & a local women


art to the homeschoolers & she makes major money. She teaches 2 saturdays a

month 3 classes a day.

I also live in an area that does not have alot of homeschoolers.Do you bake are


Honestly it sounds like you are ahead of the game & have control over most

everything you can.You cant really do anything about lay-offs just have a back

up plan which you are working on. The only other

thing is stock piling when you can.Do you have a freezer? Do you can are freeze

etc? Please keep

us posted. I hope i havent said any thing to offend anyone just trying to help


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