Supermarket Shopping Tips

2007 Joy Bauer Nutrition

Little supermarket decisions we make everyday like buying milk, bread, meat,

dairy, juice and even fruit can add up to weight gain. Here's your ultimate

guide to shopping smart so that the supermarket does not sabotage your diet.

Before you even walk into your supermarket, consider these tips:

1. Never shop when you're hungry.

2. Never shop without a list; there's no such thing as running in to

"pick up a few things."

3. Try to not shop with your kids; they can often distract you from

making the right choices and reading ingredient labels.

Once you get into the supermarket, follow my lead....

1. Avoid alluring displays of new foods

2. Avoid grabbing food samples - each mouthful is approximately 25

extra calories. That's 100 calories after just four bites!

3. Shop the outer perimeter of the supermarket where the healthier

items are first; the unhealthier foods are located in the center aisles (by

the time you've picked up your produce, low-fat dairy, whole grains and lean

proteins your cart is starting to get full and you will be less likely to

buy the "bad" stuff)

4. Bigger is not always better - particularly when it's a bigger bag of

unhealthy snack food.

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