Outnumber Hunger is doing a promotion were they will donate food if you buy General Mills cereals, and enter the code on the back you will donate food and receive free song downloads. 5 Bowls/1 Song Download, but the code is the same on every box, so you can do this infinite times.

Step 1. Go to https://outnumberhunger.com/code-entry-form

Step 2. In the "Your Package Codes" box enter: 127780

Step 3. Click add a code, enter the same code: 127780 in all the boxes and keep adding until you reach the limit of 5

Step 4. For were did you buy the product enter: Walmart

Step 5. Enter your email and your zip code, then click Find It

Step 6. When it displays your local food bank click submit, and your done. Check your email for free song downloads.

Please note, you can do this as many times as you want, so feel free to donate infinite amounts of food to your local food bank.