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Viber - Free Phone Calls & Text
Viber Media, Inc.
Genre: Social Networking
Release Date: December 2, 2010

Viber lets everyone in the world connect. Freely. More than 90 million Viber users call, text, and send photos worldwide - for free.
Viber is available for iPhone® and other smartphones. We are always introducing new features, platforms and possibilities.
Viber is completely free with no advertising and we value your privacy.

New in Viber 2.2: you can now send free messages between groups of friends. Share photos, links and invite more friends to join.

***WHY VIBER?***

* Best Sound Quality
* 100% Free (*)
* Simple to Use
* Always On
* Ad Free

… much more coming soon.
(*) Network data charges may apply

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Free Apps are usually available for less than 48 Hours, because of this, all threads are automatically closed to additional comments/responses at that time.