I want to thank all of you who helped me with the decision on Viking or Pfaff sewing machine. I kept a tab on all the responses and found out that one out of 3 of you that responded to my e mail own a Pfaff. There were other brands but majority were these two. But you helped me learn what questions to ask in order to decide which machine to purchase. We have more than one dealer in our area that sell Viking. We only have one dealer with Pfaff. If I have problems I have more than one place to go for help and a vary close friend of mine ownes a Viking and is quit knowledgeable. So I purchased Viking Sapphire 830. It is mostly for quilting. It doesn't have all the buttons and whistles, but it does have enough for me. I have to take 3 of 2
1/2 hrs. classes to learn how to use it. I figured out the basics for now. If you are wondering the cost, it was more than $400 that's for sure. It was $1,000 and I justify it as an investment for me, considering that they can run for thousandS of dollars.

Thank you all for all of your input on this subject.