The easy way to silk screen! Just snap the silk sheets into the plastic printing frame, slide in a precut stencil and print. All the tools and supplies you need including a fabric bandana to get you started. Make permanent designs on cloths or even print on paper to make your own custom cards and posters.

Just snap in the silk sheets….

…slide in the stencil…
A Kid Friendly Way to Learn the Satisfying Skill of Silk Screening
The ALEX?? silk screen machine is designed with kids in mind. It is easy to put together and take apart. Just pop open the 2 hinged pieces on the back to snap in a new silk sheet. They are just as easy to remove to rinse off and reuse for next time. Instead of the messy and tedious process of applying a screen filler to create your designs, just slide in a plastic stencil in to the back of the machine and print clean crisp images in seconds. The stencils are also easy to rinse off and reuse. Super simple video instructions can be found on in addition to the easy printed instructions.

Express Your Creativity and Customize your Clothes
Silk screen onto t-shirts, sweatshirts, bags, pillow cases or cloth napkins. The kit includes 14 precut stencil designs, including large motifs, linear designs and smaller images for all different kinds of projects. There are also instructions for how to make your own unique paper stencils to totally customize your projects. Make a stencil of your initials and mark your stuff. Take a plain t-shirt and turn it in to a totally creative expression of your personal style. A great activity for parties and sleepovers.

Endless Ways to Use Your Silk Screen Factory
Your first project is included in the in the kit: a fabric bandana that you can actually wear. But besides fabric, the Silk Screen Factory also works on paper so it’s the perfect way to make your own greeting cards and posters. A hand silk screened card or fabric project make wonderful gifts that will be cherished. Each print will be slightly different giving it that rich handmade look yet still produce a consistent professional looking results.
What's In The Box?

Includes easy Silk Screen Factory machine, 14 plastic stencil designs, reusable silk sheets, 4 bright colors of silk screen ink, white cloth bandana and easy instructions.

…and apply the ink! Easy and fun!
Expires Jul 27, 2012

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