If trucks have caught your child's eye, let Tonka's Mod Machine DX14 Semi-Hauler catch his imagination. The DX14 is a hands-on truck that lets kids roll up their sleeves and get right into the wrenching. For ages four and up, the DX14 is actually two trucks in one--its interchangeable accessories and free-wheeling action are sure to inspire the mechanically-minded child.
Mod Machines DX14 Semi-Hauler
At a Glance:

Ages: 4 years and up
Requires: Ready to play
What We Think

Fun factor:
Ease of assembly:
Educational factor:
Novelty factor:

The Good: Multiple design combinations for the truck lover to discover
The Challenging: Small accessories may be easy to misplace
In a Nutshell: A versatile and inspirational take-apart truck for the mechanically-minded child
Enjoy imaginative, free-wheeling action with this two-in-one Semi-Hauler. View larger.

Design your own rig with the included ten accessories and kid-friendly wrench.View larger. Customize the Fun

Featuring 10 accessories, the Tonka DX14 Semi-Hauler transforms to keep up with your child's imagination. Children can design their own rigs using the kid-friendly wrench. They can swap off-road wheels for low-profile tires and remove the engine, bumpers, or body to make an in-city speed machine or a truck with full-towing capacity.
For a customized rig that has speed written all over it, your child can easily attach the nitrous tanks and spoiler, and then press the starter button to watch the truck race across the room. Also, with every press of the starter button, sound effects for the diesel engine fire up and rev the imagination.
Off-Road Rescue Adventures Made Easy
With the body and engine placed in their high settings, and the off-road rubber tires installed, the DX14 has a long-travel suspension look that's ready for off-road fun. Stack the spare tires in the bed, flip the spoiler over to make a towing hitch, and install the brush guard and GPS antenna to make the rescue rig ready for action.
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