Captain America is usually fine on his own, but when he's got to smash through an enemy line in a hurry, he uses the Strikefire Transport. Equipped with overwhelming firepower, bulletproof armor and a powerful motorcycle for quick getaways, this is an unstoppable assault vehicle. Head straight into the heart of danger with this Strikefire Transport vehicle. Put your Captain America figure in the cockpit or in the turret as the battle action heats up. Attach your launchers to the vehicle in different places as you decide your weapons strategy. When enemies approach, launch your four missiles. Then, open the ramps and send your figure and his motorcycle vehicle out to survey the damage and make sure any remaining enemies are ready to surrender. The ultimate assault vehicle features four launching missiles and includes a figure and motorcycle vehicle. The launchers attach in different places. The vehicle features opening ramps and places in the cockpit or the turret for the figure to fit. The vehicle comes with a figure, shield, 4 missiles, 3 launchers and motorcycle vehicle.

  • Product Dimensions (inches): 5.3 (L) x 16 (W) x 12 (H)
  • Age: 4 years and up
Expires Jul 28, 2012

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