<font size="4" color="maroon" face="Microsoft Sans Serif">14.0pt;font-family:"Microsoft Sans Serif";color:maroon;">Speaking
of swiffers, our wet-jet is no longer doing so well. They changed the pads and
it seems to leave a lot of crap we missed with the vacuum just sitting on the
floor. Can anyone recommend something better? We have tile and engineered
hard wood floors that are not sealed, just glued down. We were using the wood
floor wet jet, and then tried the orange glow wood floor cleaner, but I would
love to have something that would work better. For Christmas, we got a
wonderful canister Hoover
vacuum from my mom that I love and it picks up practically all the dirt, but I
am tired of buying new cloths and solution for the wet jet all the time. We
have large dogs (labs) in the house that love to track in dirt and mud and we
have to clean the floors almost daily.
<font size="4" color="maroon" face="Microsoft Sans Serif">14.0pt;font-family:"Microsoft Sans Serif";color:maroon;">
<font size="5" color="maroon" face="NokieBrushHMK">16.0pt;font-family:NokieBrushHMK;color:maroon;">Melissa V.
<font size="3" color="blue" face="Times New Roman">12.0pt;color:blue;">
<font size="4" color="maroon" face="NokieBrushHMK">13.5pt;font-family:NokieBrushHMK;color:maroon;font-weight:

<font size="4" color="blue" face="NokieBrushHMK">13.5pt;font-family:NokieBrushHMK;color:blue;font-weight:normal;">
<font size="4" color="maroon" face="NokieBrushHMK">14.0pt;font-family:NokieBrushHMK;color:maroon;">The LORD

<font size="4" color="maroon" face="NokieBrushHMK">14.0pt;font-family:NokieBrushHMK;color:maroon;">"My son,
my precious child,
<font size="4" color="maroon" face="NokieBrushHMK">14.0pt;font-family:NokieBrushHMK;color:maroon;font-weight:bold;">

<font face="NokieBrushHMK"><span style="font-family:NokieBrushHMK;">I
love you and I would never leave you.

<font face="NokieBrushHMK"><span style="font-family:NokieBrushHMK;">During
your times of trial and suffering,

<font face="NokieBrushHMK"><span style="font-family:NokieBrushHMK;">when
you see only one set of footprints,

<font face="NokieBrushHMK"><span style="font-family:NokieBrushHMK;">it
was then that I carried you."
<font size="4" color="maroon" face="NokieBrushHMK">14.0pt;font-family:NokieBrushHMK;color:maroon;">

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