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Office Jerk Summer Games Edition
Genre: Games
Release Date: July 18, 2012

Just in time for the summer, the Jerk is getting out of the office and into your local stadium. He's landed a sweet gig as a sports judge, and now he's an even bigger Jerk. Handing out poor scores, and spending more time texting, reading, and sleeping than judging. It's up to you to teach him a lesson yet again!

Earn experience with every throw and level up to unlock more cool items. The better your score, the more experience you earn. If that's not enough, use special boosts and re-do's to progress even faster!

And we've finally added Game Center support. Now you can complete achievements and compete for high scores with your friends.

Items you can throw at him include:

Gold Medal
Foam Finger
Hot Dog

Tennis Racket

Plus a mystery item worth 25 points a hit that could just be enough to push the Jerk to give those well deserving athletes a decent score for a change!

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