List Price: $549.99Deal Price: $99.99You Save: $50.00 (82%)Ill take better test scores for 200, Alex. Transform your classroom into an action-packed TV studio with Classroom Jeopardy! Its the fun, exciting, and effective way for your students to review what you teach. Classroom Jeopardy! looks, sounds, and plays exactly like the TV show. Award-winning Classroom Jeopardy! brings all the sights, sounds, and non-stop thrills of TVs Jeopardy! to your class from the Daily Double to the Final Jeopardy! Games play on your classroom TV (or clues can be projected onto a screen using an LCD projector for large group competitions). Players buzz in on wireless remotes that work anywhere in your classroom or across your school auditorium. Control game play with the wireless Host Remote. Choose categories and clues, and input players responses as Correct or Incorrect. Scores update automatically on the illuminated electronic Scoreboard. Creating your own games is fast and easy! In just minutes you'll master the intuitive new Classroom Jeopardy! EditorTM software with its familiar commands. (If you use Microsoft Word??, you'll feel right at home.) As you type categories and clues, they appear on your PC or Macintosh computer just as they'll look on your TV screen. When you're ready to store your games, simply plug the Classroom Jeopardy! LinkTM into your computers USB port, insert a cartridge, and click. Each blank cartridge holds 5-12 games! Plug the scoreboard into your TV, insert a game cartridge, and you're ready to play! Requires TV with A/V jacks and 8 AAA batteries, not included.Expires Jul 23, 2012

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