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    Default COBRA Information

    Another option may be to buy an individual health insurance policy.
    HIPAA gives individuals who are losing group health coverage and
    who have at least 18 months of creditable coverage without a break in
    coverage of 63 days or more the right to buy individual health

    insurance coverage that does not impose a preexisting condition
    exclusion period.
    For this purpose, most health coverage, including
    COBRA continuation coverage, is creditable coverage. These special
    rights may not be available to you if you do not elect and receive

    COBRA continuation coverage. For more information on your right
    to buy individual health insurance coverage, contact your state
    department of insurance.

    This was on page 4, or page 9 of 28.

    Contact your state department of insurance.

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    Deborah Brown

    Default COBRA Information

    Hello all!

    In some cases, individual policies that are

    underwritten end up costing more than Cobra for folks

    who have medical conditions. I know at one time,

    here in NC if a person had serious health issues,

    they could potentially be looking at over $1000 a

    month for just one person. But definitely do some

    research and do not give up your Cobra plan until you

    have something else in place.

    Good luck!

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