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Genre: Games
Release Date: May 31, 2012

What kind of ninja collects coins or slices fruit? Get ready for the first true Ninja experience on iOS!

Avenge your Lord and slice your way through a Demon Samurai Army of 50,000 soldiers using your nimble jumping skills and special Ninja attacks & abilities!

Fast and Brutal Ninja Action!
Easy to pick up controls. You guide the ninja into enemies and he attacks automatically!
Scale rooftops to dispatch hard to reach enemies!
Bust through walls and rooftops to surprise enemies indoors!
Use special abilities:
- Bomb - Blows up all enemies on the screen!
- Hyper Invincible Run - Blast through enemies at super speeds for 4 seconds!
- Barrier Shield - Deflects a fatal blow to your ninja.
Earn Ninja Points for more kills and for completing missions.
Use Ninja Points to unlock new Game Modes, Upgrade Abilities and Costumes.
Unlock Awesome Go Ninja Wallpapers for your mobile device.

Slick HD graphics and silky-smooth hand drawn animations by Street Fighter Artist Long Vo

"ninjas are meant to kill, not cuddle. Enter Go Ninja! by Hiptic Games to bring a ninja game back to the hardcore fans! ... a very crisp looking game with some real smooth running animation. This comes at no surprise coming from esteemed Street Fighter artist and art director for this game, Long Vo. Moving, jumping and slashing looks real smooth and fluid." 5/5 - Ultramegadeathray

"Totally digging this Ninja game right now" - Freddie Wong of

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