If you haven't heard this already, there is a virus/malware in the wild that is set to knock users offline tomorrow July 9th.

The FBI has infiltrated the creators of this virus and are providing multiple free sites to help you determine whether or not your machine is infected. You should test your machine BEFORE Tomorrow.

Here are 2 different sites where you can test your machine just by visiting the page:

  • No Software is Downloaded! The tools do not need to to load any software on your computer to perform the check.
  • No changes are performed on your computer! Nothing is changed on your computer when you use sites like DNS Changer Check-Up - Clean.
  • No scanning! The “are you infected with DNS Changer” tool does not need to scan your computer.

DNS Changer Check-Up - Clean United States Link

http://www.dns-ok.ca Canada Link

If your page comes up RED that means you are infected and the instructions for removing the malware are available here:

Fix | DCWG

If your page comes up GREEN- you are ALL set and your system is Fine.

Additional Information from the FBI:

FBI — International Cyber Ring That Infected Millions of Computers Dismantled