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    Default Fun Holiday Party Idea- Dirty Santa Party

    Want to have a few laughs this Holiday season? Hold your very own, "Dirty Santa" Party. Send out invites to your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc.

    Have each person bring a wrapped gift (I suggest setting a dollar limit), in our case, it was $20. As the guests arrive, quickly place the gift on a nicely decorated table- to avoid other guests seeing who brought the gift! Keeping the gifts anonymous is part of the surprise!

    Draw numbers. - Once all of the guests have arrived, place numbers in a basket (1 for each guest!). Everyone who brought a gift draws a number.

    The person who gets #1- picks any present from the table and unwraps it. The person who draws #2 gets to "steal" the gift or select a new unwrapped item. (The person who "lost" their gift can steal another or open a new unwrapped gift.)

    You can choose to set rules- such as a gift may only be stolen up to3x's and then it's "Frozen". Also, no one can "steal" back a gift that was "stolen" from them.

    Continue playing until all the gifts have been opened.

    This is great fun and causes lots of laughs. We played this one year at our Office Party and to prevent a particularly nice bottle of tequila & 2 very huge margarita glasses from being "Stolen" a 3rd time, the cover was removed and the top of the bottle was.. let's just say... gratuitously licked. (Read as... he shoved his tongue so far into the bottle we thought we'd have to call the paramedics!) LOL.

    This is especially fun with gag gifts such as Rubber Chickens. Happy Holidays, Liss

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    Default Re: Fun Holiday Party Idea- Dirty Santa Party

    LOL this is a really cute idea,much like our white elephant party we hold at our work everyyear. Thanks for sharing

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