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Mini Empires
Midverse Studios
Genre: Games
Release Date: May 2, 2012

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Build your Empire from the Stone Age to a super modern space-faring civilization. Battle thousands of online players for supremacy of the planet!

New in version 1.2 - Cluster Bombs, Power Ups, Player vs. Player Tournaments and more! Prepare your empire!!

It's year 2073, the Earth is in a terrible state - no food, no resources, chaos everywhere. You and two friends embark on a journey away from Earth in search of a better life. You crash land in a distant planet, decide to part ways and challenge each other to survive on your own!

Mini Empires Features:

* Upgrade military technologies to advance from Stone Age to Wormhole Age

* Play online with thousands of other Empire players

* Experience awesome Campaigns spanning over 360 battles

* Amass vast riches, Wood and Iron resources to build powerful military units

* Control dozens of Air, Sea and Land units in turn-based combat

Note: Mini Empires is an online game and requires an Internet connection.

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