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Marvel KAPOW!
Smith & Tinker, Inc.
Genre: Games
Release Date: June 8, 2011

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Marvel KAPOW! is non-stop heroics and action. It has a permanent place on my iPhone as I haven’t been able to put it down since I started playing." -AppAdvice

Now the staggering powers of Marvel's greatest Super Heroes are at your fingertips in Marvel KAPOW!

With the cyber-security of our planet under threat from Doctor Doom, Tony Stark has created a new defense platform that lets you wield the awesome powers of Marvel's top Super Heroes from your touch-based mobile gaming device.

Deflect attacks with Captain America's mighty shield, blast with Iron Man's gauntlet, slash with Wolverine's claws, capture with Spider-Man's web, smite with Thor's hammer and smash with The Hulk's fist as you vanquish an onslaught of Marvel's greatest Super Villains.

Marvel KAPOW! 3.0 includes all new upgraded Super Powers allowing you to mega-rebound with Cap's shield, double blast with Iron Man's gauntlet, super sling with Spidey's web and more. New power-ups enable the elimination of Green Goblin bombs and even let you clear your screen of villains with KA-BOOM!

Marvel KAPOW! features 27 classic play levels, 5 boss levels, arcade mode, Game Center leader-board integration plus continuous support and free content updates.

SNIKT!, SMASH! and BASH! as you save the world with Marvel KAPOW!

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