Pathmark - Free GOYA Fiesta Beans - Coupon Mistake

Pathmark is promoting GOYA Fiesta Beans this week in their stores.

This promotion is in two parts.

When you buy 2 cans of GOYA Fiesta Beans, Pathmark is offering 2 for $1.00. This is a limit of 1 offer.

In the Pathmark Flyer this week (page 3), they also include a 50 cent coupon on 1 can of GOYA Beans. When the clerk rings up the coupon, it rings up as 50 cents off...and an additional 29 cents off.

Use 2 coupons on the first 2 cans and you make 58 cents.

Buy 24 cans (you must have 24 coupons) and you get 24 cans of Beans for FREE, and still are 34 cents ahead...