List Price: $232.49 Deal Price: $119.34 You Save: $113.15 (49%)This brake controller is designed for use on single through quad axle braking trailers. Automatic and manual brake function activates tow vehicle brake lights. All models are universally designed for use on all trailers, including RV, horse, utility and commercial trailers with electric and electric over hydraulic brake systems and include hazard flasher immunity. The G2 comes with the Universal Quik-Receiver Mounting Sleeve. Installation has never been easier with our newest sleeve design that fits all Hayes brake controllers. Just insert the controller’s plug into the Hayes dual-mated wiring harness that fits your vehicle and you’re on your way to a safer ride. The sleeve installs in minutes without tools and fits every Hayes model. The sleeve eliminates the need to ‘hard-wire’ the brake control to the tow vehicle. Hayes controllers have an exclusive four-wire connector that when used with a vehicle-specific wiring harness enables the brake controller to essentially be plugged in and ready to go. Other Hayes-specific features include how the controllers activate the trailer stop lights when the brake control is manually activated. Additionally, these controllers ramp to 100 percent power in a manual application.Expires Jul 8, 2012

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