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    Louise Davis

    Default Hawaiian Pork


    Pork Butt Roast-- 3-4 pounds (the cheaper the better - I purchased it at

    .99 per pound this week)

    Sea Salt - 3 Tbs per roast

    Liquid Smoke - 2 Tbs per roast (which I somehow didn't have anymore so I

    used some barbecue sauce made with liquid smoke)


    Heat oven to 400 degrees. Tear and stack 7 large sheets of foil. Place

    roast on top of stack. Slice random slits into pork and sprinkle with

    sea salt; then pour the tablespoons of liquid smoke on roast. Wrap the

    pork in the 7 individual layers of foil, sealing each layer tightly.

    Bake for 4 hours. Unwrap and shred meat in it's juices. I hesitated

    using 7 sheets of foil, but added the last 2 just to follow the

    directions. I can really see that you need them because the juice

    somehow gets into the last wrapping a little, which surprised me. It

    was pretty good served over rice, although there is not that much juice

    but would also be great for sandwiches. It has a good flavor!

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    Default Hawaiian Pork

    <DIV dir="ltr" align="left"><SPAN class="725081314-05122007">What flavor liquid smoke? I have both mesquite and hickory at home. Or does it even matter?

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    Pork Butt Roast-- 3-4 pounds
    Sea Salt - 3 Tbs per roast
    Liquid Smoke - 2 Tbs per roast

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    Louise Davis

    Default Hawaiian Pork

    I don't think the flavor of liquid smoke matters. Which ever one you

    prefer at the moment! I hope you enjoy it.


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