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Top Gear: Stunt School Revolution
BBC Worldwide
Genre: Games
Release Date: June 14, 2012

Millions downloaded Top Gear: Stunt School. Now check out the all-new (and FREE) Top Gear: Stunt School Revolution. With incredible new visuals, loads more outrageous cars, iconic world locations, endless and mostly ridiculous customizations and truly unbelievable stunts, its everything youd expect from the Top Gear team. And all this, for FREE.

Want to balloon hop a motor home to clear the Grand Canyon? Use your sports car and escape Alcatraz by leaping as far as you can and landing on a barge? Speed through a roller-coaster on a New York skyscraper with a cow on your pickup? You can do all this and more in Top Gear: Stunt School Revolution.

Endless vehicle customisations to tweak your car performance to any scenario
A fantastically responsive, intuitive driving experience

Fantastic iconic locations from around the world Grand Canyon, Alcatraz, Sydney Harbour, New York
Challenge your friends to beat your high scores on each stunt and tell everyone about it on Facebook and Twitter

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Free Apps are usually available for less than 48 Hours, because of this, all threads are automatically closed to additional comments/responses at that time.