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    Default Kroger & Affiliates Daily Instant Win Game with (300,000+ Prizes!)

    Kroger & Affiliates just released a NEW Instant win game featuring more than 300,000 prizes!

    The odds are VERY good in this game (we’ve won a FREE product several times from Kroger’s instant win games!) To play, click on the link below, then click on “Play Now”, choose your store, and sign in/register. Come back EVERY day to play again (you can win 1x every day!)

    The prizes for this game are discounts off your shopping purchase:

    $0.25 (300,000 winners!)
    $0.50 (75,000 winners!)
    $0.75 (30,000 winners!).75 (30,000 winners!)

    $1.00 (15,000 winners!)

    Kroger Victory Village

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