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Thread: Xmas Tree Care

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    Kim Mangels

    Default Xmas Tree Care

    I just saw on tv this am an article about Christmas trees. They said

    you can never over water your tree BUT if the water goes dry or gets to

    the bottom of the tree, the tree will dry out faster because the sap

    starts to cover over the cut. Hmmm. No wonder out real trees dried

    out so fast. I never could remember to water them. LOL

    Also do not put near any source of heat as this will also make them dry

    out quicker.

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    Karen Holland

    Default Xmas Tree Care

    Yes, that’s true – that’s why when I get a real tree – I cut about a 1 ½

    inch slice off of the bottom and then immediately set it up and WATER WATER


    Karen L. Holland



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