1. Get the KIOSK COUPONS - You need both:
A. $10 off $30 Gillette Shaving Kiosk coupon
B. $5/10 general purchase coupon spitting out on many card.

2. You will also need the GILLETTE COUPONS in the 6/3 P&G Saver.

3. Buy Gillette FUSION Blades/get FUSION razor free coupon plus various other coupons in the 6/3 on Gillette. Buy a pack of blades and a razor, cost is approx $25, you will also need to add $5 in shaving cream or after shave, etc.

4. Total must come to pre tax, give the /25 and /30 Kiosk Coupon, total now down to , give the free razor w/blades coupon (takes off ), total now , plus possible /1 coupons on the shaving cream or after shaves.

Total after coupons used in the correct order $2-3 plus tax, get back $4 in ECB's on the razor.

ends sat 6/16