TaskCat is usually 99 cents, but for today only it's free. There are no ads and its a really good to-do list.

Gesture-based Controls:
- One swipe navigation
- Cross out tasks by swiping to the right.
- Delete a single tasks by swiping right again.
- Add a task using the + button.
- Uncross out tasks by swiping to the left.
- Share task to Today List by swiping left, when it is not crossed.
- Shake the phone to sort the list by is/not crossed

Key Features:
- Swipe navigation between lists
- Quick entry of new tasks
- Today List consolidation for focus
- Easily share tasks to the Today List
- Easily touch and drag reorder with-in a list
- Application badge, displays pending on home screen
- Quickly recycle a list for reuse
- Quickly trash all crossed out items within a list
- Ability to email your list to yourself or friends
- Pass-code lock for lists to hide that special task you want to keep secret