My husband and I live on a disability check of $600 a month, with no

other government help except medical. There are numberous ways to

live and vacation cheaply and if I can do it on my budget, think how

it will benefit someone else!

Many animal rescues need volunteer help to feed dogs, cats, birds,

etc. Some will provide you a place to live, other may ask you have

your own camper but offer a place to park for free in exchange for a

few hours a week in voulunteer work. Some of these rescues also

provide your food!

Campgrounds are a cheap way to live in warmer climates or to travel.

It is hard to beat $330 a month for all utilities included. Look

around, some campgrounds are very small and do not advertise and

these gems often go for $180 or less a month including all utilities,

cable, and internet! If you happen to not know an area and still want

to camp cheap then consider work camping. All major campgrounds

including KOA need work campers. You work 15-25 hours a week and camp

for free!This puts you right in the middle of expensive locations

like Miami, Key West,Orlando or in any state. There is also a site to

register as a work camper. The work is simple and easy and you can do

this for a short vacation or a way of life.

When getting a camper think mirco mini. Ours is 21 foot. We have a

10x10 tent next to us that we use for storage and to keep a full size

freezer,washing machine and fridge. We cook on our gas grill plus

have a stove and mircowave inside. Also, when buying a camper look at

older models, you will get the better deal. We paid $750 for ours and

updated the insides and customized it for our needs. When we are done

our investment will be worth over $5000 because it will be a fully

modernized antique! Valuable to collectors but because of the age

cheap to get insurance on and plates for!