Yesterday I decided to tweek my other orange ginger marmalade...I like this one even better.

No Sugar Added Orange Ginger Marmalade

8 oranges-washed, seeded, and thinly sliced
3 lemon-washed, seeded, and thinly sliced
1 cup Splenda
1/4 cup Splenda brown sugar blend
3 in piece ginger-peeled and grated or minced
1 box Low/No sugar Sure Jell

1. In a large non reactive pot, bring oranges, lemons, Splenda's, and ginger to a boil.

2. Turn heat down to a low simmer. Cook for 30 minutes. Turn off, cover, and let sit for a couple hours-to allow the peels to soften.
3. Turn heat back on and bring to a boil. Add pectin and boil for a few minutes. Remove from heat.
4. Fill sterilized jar, wipe clean with a paper towel, and apply 2 part lids. Tighten to 'fingertip' tightness.
5. Process in a water bath for 10 minutes. Remove from water and place on a towel on counter.
6. Listen for 'pings' as jars seal. What doesn't seal, store in the refrigerator.