Author's Description:
Princess Chloe’s sixteenth birthday is looming near, but an attack by a strange, half-mechanical monster leaves Emma little time to bother with the upcoming birthday ball—that is, until a certain handsome, blonde guest shows up early and sweeps both girls off their feet. The rivalry tests Emma’s loyalty to her best friend, as well as her devotion to her new job as a priestess trainee. To make matters worse, Lev Hartwig appears to be shunning her in favor of late night meetings with another girl. Ivywild castle is bursting with secrets and it is up to Emma to decide who she can trust and who the real monsters are before it’s too late.Expires 5/31. The Flute Keeper's Training (The Flute Keeper Saga) eBook: Ashley Setzer: Kindle Store

Book three in the Series was just released on kindle and is free this week.
Author said the first one would drop to $0.00 after this sale ends.
The books are geared towards young adults. Magic, adventure, a strong female character, and a hint of romance.