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    Heather Herber

    Default Finding the Treasures at Dollar Tree

    <FONT color="#c00000">I firmly believe that without me, Dollar Tree would have gone under years ago. I love that store! I find so many great items for the kids and others there. <FONT color="#c00000"> <FONT color="#c00000">Here's some of the great deals I found for Christmas so far: <FONT color="#c00000"> <FONT color="#c00000">Heart Shaped Trinket Box with Tinkerbell on it- it's the fuzzy print with markers, so it can be colored on. Just found that yesterday- they also had pink Arial ones for Little Mermaid. I also grabbed a pink Disney Princess poster style one for my neice. <FONT color="#c00000"> <FONT color="#c00000">Dora the Explorer & Deigo 2 pack card game sets. <FONT color="#c00000"> <FONT color="#c00000">Harry Potter collectable card game booster packs- they had these
    packaged individually, or in 2 pack sets. Duh, I got the 2 pack sets, one for Raegan, and one for Chris. <FONT color="#c00000"> <FONT color="#c00000">Music CD's- I didn't have time to go through all of them, but there were Elton John's Princess Diana CD's, and many other names I recognzied but don't recall. I bought a Girls Sleep Over Party mix CD for Raegan. <FONT color="#c00000"> <FONT color="#c00000">Movies- They have Lord of the Rings on VHS, as well as several Madeline cartoons (including a Christmas one, for those who like buying Christmas movies like me!). <FONT color="#c00000"> <FONT color="#c00000">Books- They have so manygreat hardcover books for us adults, includng Martha Stewert, The Greatful Dead, one of the last Wheel of Time books by Robert Jordan, and more. <FONT color="#c00000"> <FONT color="#c00000">Coloring Books- From Bratz to Strawberry Shortcake to Disney Villans, they have something for all the little kids on the list. <FONT color="#c00000"> <FONT color="#c00000">Crayons- get 4 8-pack sets of crayons for a dollar, in Pirates of the Caribbean, Disney Princesses, and Tinkerbell. Get 1 4 pack, and 4 coloring books for 4 great small gifts! <FONT color="#c00000"> <FONT color="#c00000">Brand Name Makeup! For the teen on the list, they have quite a lot of Revlon, Cover Girl, and Maybelline makeup right now. I saw lip liner, lip gloss, and eyeshadow specifically! <FONT color="#c00000"> <FONT color="#c00000">Cute "Fun" Socks- They have all sorts of fun socks for girls this year, some generic patterns and sayings, as well as Care Bear socks! Some even come in 2 packs. <FONT color="#c00000"> <FONT color="#c00000">Nice kids "Magic" gloves, complete with rubber grippers in varying patterns on the palm side. <FONT color="#c00000"> <FONT color="#c00000">Wall Stickers- they have a whole small section for Wall stickers now, complete with letters, shapes, pictures, and even wall-borders. Pick up some cute fairies for your daughter to use in her room, or some sports ones for your son. <FONT color="#c00000"> <FONT color="#c00000">Whether you just want to fill a stocking, or need to get some gifts for under the tree or to exchange, the Dollar Store can prove to yeild some treasures! <FONT color="#c00000"> <FONT color="#c00000">Unlike 20 years ago, Dollar Store doesn't mean Junk Store anymore.


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    Default Finding the Treasures at Dollar Tree

    --- In, Heather Herber <herberkids3@...>



    Hi! There used to be one at our mall, but the mall wouldn't renew their

    lease. They had lots of business, I miss it. We were able to get the

    King James Version of the bible on Cd's there and they have

    agreatselection of scrapbooking stickers and papers. blessings,lisa

    > I firmly believe that without me, Dollar Tree would have gone under

    years ago. I love that store! I find so many great items for the kids

    and others there.



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