List Price: $39.95 Deal Price: $39.95All I Ever Needed Zoo Animal Set includes everything your Zoo fanatic child will ever want. 4 Pairs of Child sized Zoo Animal Print Sunglasses (ea. a different animal) accompany 1 Inflatable 16 in Zoo Animal Beach Ball (animals may vary) & 1 16 in Inflatable Monkey Beach Ball, 3 Zoo Animal Mini Chalk Boards (Assorted animals could be lion, tiger, zebra, giraffe, elephant or monkey) Each chalkboard includes 4pc of chalk) Also included are 2 large 9x11 inch Zoo Animal coloring books, 2Pc of Mini Zoo Animal 20 page coloring book with 4 crayons each. Set includes 1 Zoo Animal Kaleidoscope. These colorful kaleidoscopes feature a zoo animal design on the outside. Each piece in polybag with printed header. 1 Zoo Animal Tote bag (8.25 in) with adorable Zoo Animal designs will be included in each set. One dozen ever famous Zoo Animal PVC play figures will be included in each set. No duplicate animals. Each set includes all the famous zoo animals: Lion, Tiger, Camel, Zebra etc) Pvc animals are between 2.5-4 " each. 4 Zoo animal Parachutist included in ea set (animals may vary) These cute creatures fall to earth gracefully when you release the rubber band, deploying the parachute mechanism in the process. Two Zoo Animal Metal Yo Yo's included. 32 assorted Zoo Animal temporary tattoos (8 Different Designs/ 4 of Ea.) included in the set. Also 6 mini zoo animal erasers, 4 ea mini zoo animal memo pads, 6 zoo animal plastic finger puppets, 1 page of 12 zoo Animal sticker assortment, 4 assorted zoo animal mini pinball machines, 4 ea. assorted zoo animal stampers, 4 ea. zoo animal slide puzzles and one dozen assorted zoo animal foam masks. (No 4 Ea includes duplicate animals however dozens may or may not) Package comes in a beautifully designed zoo animal disposable bag not included in product count. Over 100 individual products included in set. Enjoy hours of zoo animal fun. Great for school, show & tell. All items sold separately for replacements.Expires Jun 1, 2012

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