RACINE, Wis. -- Del Rey Tortilleria, Inc. is recalling several

products after health officials in Wisconsin suspected a link between

flour tortillas and an outbreak of illness at three schools.

The Chicago-based company told the state of Wisconsin it will

voluntarily recall the products as a precaution while the Food and

Drug Administration continues to investigate. But the company is

still not sure its products caused the reported symptoms, said Marcy

Toledo, Del Rey's general manager.

"We're testing the product and looking to see where this is coming

from," Toledo told The Journal Times in Racine. "We haven't received

any complaints yet about illnesses."

She did not return a message left by The Associated Press on Tuesday.

More than 80 students at three schools in Racine reported flu-like

symptoms earlier this month that included vomiting, according to

health officials. The Racine Unified School District closed two

middle schools and an elementary school for one day for disinfection.

Health officials in Wisconsin said Friday they suspected soft flour

tortillas may be responsible for the outbreak.

An exact cause of the outbreak has still not been found. State health

officials said Del Rey made the flour tortillas served at the three

Racine schools were illnesses were reported.

Del Rey recalled some tortillas last year consumers complained of

stomach pains, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea and headaches, according to

the FDA.

The products in question were distributed nationwide through food

distributors and grocery stores. Del Rey has not specified states

involved in the recall, beyond Illinois and Wisconsin. Consumers

should immediately return any product that is subject to the recall

to the store where they purchased it for a full refund or replacement.

The recall includes flour tortillas of all sizes: White Flour

Tortillas, six-inch Tortillas de Harina, Burritos two, three and four-

inch and eight-inch Fajita, with the name "Del Rey" on the label and

with one of these Date Codes: OCT/17/07; OCT/20/07; OCT/24/07;

NOV/04/07; NOV/10/07; or NOV/11/07.