This kit is a terrific basic introduction to fabric screenprinting. This kit is fun, easy-to-use, and includes the essentials for fabric screenprinting. Create your own unique art for printing on t-shirts and other fabric items. Includes a 10-by-14-inch screen frame, 9-inch plastic squeegee, 3 jars of 4-ounce fabric ink (black, red, yellow), 4-ounce screen filler, 4-ounce drawing fluid, 4-ounce Diazo photo emulsion, 4-ounce Diazo photo emulsion remover, .5-gram Diazo sensitizer, #6 round brush, and instruction booklet. Fabric inks are AP Non-toxic, odorless, blendable, archival, and can be cleaned up with water.Expires Jun 16, 2012

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